Your Guide to HVAC Care and Maintenance

As the vibrant days of summer gradually transition into the crisp, cooler embrace of autumn, it's the perfect time to shift our focus towards maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Your HVAC system has been hard at work keeping you cool all summer long, and now it's time to ensure it's ready to tackle the upcoming heating season! 

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Check

September is an ideal month to have a licensed HVAC professional inspect and service your system. Regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your equipment, enhance its efficiency, and minimize the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns during the colder months. At Greentech Niagara, a licensed technician will conduct a thorough check that includes cleaning filters, checking refrigerant levels, testing thermostats, and ensuring all components of your system are in good working condition. 

Test Your Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is accurately reading and regulating the temperature. Consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat if you haven't already. These advanced devices allow you to set customized schedules, optimizing comfort and energy usage. The Greentech Niagara team is here to help you choose the best thermostat for your home. 

Consider Upgrading to an Energy Efficient System

September is an excellent time to consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system. Energy-efficient models can significantly reduce your energy bills while offering better performance. Additionally, you might be eligible for rebates with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant to help you make eco-friendly choices in your home.

Stock Up on Winter Essentials

It’s important to check your supply of air filters and make sure you have spare ones on hand. Additionally, ensure you have a supply of backup batteries for your thermostat and smoke detectors.

As September arrives, it’s important to take proactive steps to ensure your HVAC system is prepared for the changing seasons. By following these tips, you can maintain a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy consumption and potential issues. Book your professional maintenance with our team today and we can conduct a thorough inspection as well as make recommendations if you’re looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient system. These efforts will pay off in enhanced comfort and peace of mind throughout the fall and winter months!

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